1.      TEAM ELIGIBILITY:            This tournament shall be open to all    teams comprised of properly registered players.

2.      PLAYER ELIGIBILITY:       In no event, will a player, who has not been certified by the tournament credentials committee, be allowed to participate. Players may not dual register, or enter on other tournament teams.

3.      FIELD OF PLAY:

         Goals:                  6.5 feet high by 12 feet wide.

         Playing field:         40 yards (length) and 30 yards (width).

         Penalty box:          50 feet wide by 25 feet long.

         * Goalkeeper will be mandatory at all games.


         (1)     Maximum on roster – 10 players

         (2)     Minimum on field – 4 players

         (3)     Unlimited substitution at game stoppage.

(4)     Each game will consist of two 15-minute halves with the teams changing ends at halftime. There will not be a break at halftime.

5.      BALL:        Size 5 will be used, or as according to different age groups.

6.      PLAYER EQUIPMENT:         As per rule of F.I.F.A. in addition to these rules each team must have two color uniform tops at each game one dark set and one light set “goalkeepers must have a different jersey from the ones used by the players as per FIFA”.

7.      REFEREES: The referee shall have the authority to remove a player from a game for serious foul play. The decisions of the field referees shall be final. There will be no protests.

8.      LINEMEN:  None are required.

9.      START OF PLAY: Conform to F.I.F.A.

10.     BALL IN AND OUT OF PLAY:       Conform to F.I.F.A.

11.     METHOD OF SCORING:      Conform to F.I.F.A.


         (1)     No offsides.

(2)     Goalkeepers, at no time, can propel the ball over the halfway line in the air. Violation will be an indirect free kick, where the ball crossed the line. The ball may bounce or roll across the halfway line.


         (1)     Conform to F.I.F.A.

(2)     Goalkeeper cannot handle the ball outside of the penalty area. If done, it is an indirect free kick.

14.     FREE KICKS: all kicks shall be indirect Conform to F.I.F.A. except that no defender shall be closer than 10 feet to the ball, and all kicks shall be indirect, except for a foul in the penalty area, which will result in a penalty kick.

15.     PENALTY KICKS:       Conform to F.I.F.A., except the penalty spot shall be one yard from the center of the top of the penalty box (15 feet from the goal line), and all defenders shall not be closer than 10 feet from the ball.

16.     THROW-IN: KICK-IN ONLY Conform to F.I.F.A. except that the ball will not be thrown in but kicked in, with no defender closer than 10 feet.

17.     GOAL KICK OR GOAL THROW: When the ball crosses the goal line, after being last touched by a player of the attacking team, it is put into play by the goalkeeper, with a goal throw or by any player with a normal goal kick.

         (1)     Only goalkeeper can restart play with a goal throw.

(2)     Goal kick or goal throw may be taken from anywhere within goal area.

         (3)     Goal kick or goal throw is subject to the pass violation.           

18.     CORNER KICK: Conform to F.I.F.A. except that no defender shall be closer than 10 feet to the ball.

19.     DETERMINATION OF WINNERS: In group play, there will be no overtime games. Standings in a group will be determined by game points as follows:

                  3 points for a win.

                  1 points for a tie.

                  0 points for a loss.

         Should there be a tie in standings, the winner will be determined by:

1) Head to head results.

2) Goal differential (with a maximum of +6 per game). 

3) Number of goals scored. (with a maximum of +6 per game). 

4) Number of goals allowed. (with a maximum of +6 per game).   

5) 3 round then 1-1 Penalties

·      In case of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded 6 goals for tie-breaker purposes.

·      If a team loses their first two matches and forfeits their third then all games that they played for that day by that team will be changed to a 6-0 forfeit.


Should a game end in a tie during the playoffs, there will be one five-minute sudden death overtime period. If the game is still tied at the end of overtime, there will be a 3-person penalty kick shoot out . If the game is still tied, each team will take alternate penalty kicks until one team wins.

20.     DISCIPLINE:      The tournament Committee shall have a Discipline Committee of no less than 3 members. The Disciplinary Committee will review and rule on all reports of unacceptable conduct by players. Not withstanding any rulings of this committee:

(A)    A player ejected will have an automatic one-game suspension (minimum) regardless of the cause of ejection.

(B)     Depending on the severity of the unacceptable conduct, the Disciplinary Committee may recommend suspension of up to the duration of the tournament.

21.     EXTERNAL CONDITIONS, WEATHER, ETC.: In the event unusual conditions necessitate   the rescheduling, curtailment, or cancellation of games, the Tournament Committee shall have absolute authority to make these changes, in order to best serve the interests of the tournament.         

22.     GENERAL: The Tournament Committee will not be responsible for any expense incurred        by any team, due to cancellation, in part or in whole, of the tournament. The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulations will be final. The Tournament

Committee reserves the right to decide on all tournament matters.